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Economic Injury Disaster Loan:

Disaster Advance Grant:

San Francisco funding:

Small Business Resiliency Fund expired on 3/29/20

Zero interest loan:

SF Arts & Arts Relief Fund/Grant:

property tax waiver:

Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Righst (Commercial Lease)

Mini Grant for Women-owned small business $2000


Employer Enrollment Service:

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File an unemployment claim:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

start filing on April 28 for employers who is not qualify for standard Unemployment Claim

Verizon Grant:

Red Backpack Fund

It is a grant $5000 per month, 51% women owned

Restaurant Grant:

to check the status of your IRS refund:

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Golden Gate Scavenger:

defer mortgage payment due to Covid-19

Facebook Small Business Grants Program for Covid-19

available on April 20, 2020 for San Francisco Bay Area

Salesforce Covid-19 Grant

Application starts 4/27/2020

Channel 26 news report about Covid-19 stimulus fund:

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Stanley Shen 沈哲瀚律師

Tough landlord refused to lower rent during lockdown. Can small businesses

LLC Payment:

Treasury, IRS Launch Online Tool to Help Non-Filers Receive Economic Impact Payments | U.S. Department of the Treasury :


旧金山华裔社区筹款捐物支持应对疫情 – newspaper article

華埠商戶定向捐贈2天成事 |


居家避疫 長者送餐服務需求激增






Chinatown Neighborhood Watch:

Volunteer veterans patrol SF”s Chinatown to fight coronavirus-related racism :

Sample Letter to Landlord for Rent Reduction due to Covid-19 致房東減少租金的樣本信


我寫這封信是要求你四月份和五月份的租金可以減低。COVID-19 已經入侵起碼150個國家和奪去最少 2 .3 million人的生命。在3月11日,世界衛生局(WHO)已經宣佈這是一次世界大流行,特朗普總統停止更多旅客到訪,而且許多大型運動和娛樂項目都一一被取消。在3月16日,三藩市市政府命令居民留在家裏和非必要商業關閉。龐大的不明朗因素和嚴重受打擊的市場令我的生意難以維持。




Dear [Landlord Name]:

I write to you to request a rent reduction for the months of April 2020 and May 2020. The COVID-19 viral disease has swept into at least 140 countries and killed more than 2.3 million people. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that COVID-19 has officially become a pandemic. President Trump issued further travel ban to curb the spread of COVID-19. Major sports and entertainment events were canceled. On March 16, 2020, San Francisco has issued an order demanding residents to stay home and non-essential businesses to close. Far too much uncertainty and an already-devastated market is making it difficult for my business to survive.

As you know, the business condition in San Francisco Chinatown has been under tremendous stress in recent years due to the construction of the Central Subway, which is still ongoing. Noise, dust, smell, debris, physical barrier and road closure has deterred tourists and local shoppers from visiting Chinatown. Now that the COVID-19 has become a pandemic, all I hear from people is fear. My business has dropped to an unprecedented low point.

I would like to shield my business from the full-scale financial harm of COVID-19. Like other businesses in Chinatown, I am bracing for impact. The pandemic is an unforeseeable circumstance preventing the fulfillment of my lease. To that end, I sincerely and respectfully request that you reduce my rent for the next two months. I am available to meet and discuss this issue with you. Please call me at your earliest convenience.

Your assistance and cooperation is truly appreciated.

[Business Owner]

Mr. Shen Youtube channel for:

Tough landlord refused to lower rent during lockdown. Can small businesses