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Save Our Chinatown Police Signature Location:

1. Broadway Dim Sum Café 幸運星休閒居 684 Broadway 415-989-2038
2. Chinatown Parking 泊車場 728 Pacific Ave 415-606-1668
3. Sweetheart Florist 甜心花鋪 51 Ross Alley 415-392-3098
4. New Lai Wah Florist 新丽华花鋪 741 Jackson St. 415-810-2355
5. Ellision Enterprise Corp 依力臣藥業 738 Washington St. 415-982-3886
6. Lion Trading 利安風水佛具 771 Clay St. 415-870-6888
7. S&M Gingseng Inc. 中美參茸海味葯行 1000 Stockton St. 415-398-8818
8. New Golden Daisy 寶興燒臘熟餸 1041 Stockton St. 415-392-0111
9. Komi Food Company 港美食品 898 Stockton St. 415-837-1692
10. DarDong Inc. 大东 1157 Grant Ave 415-828-0799
11. Asiastar Fantasy Inc. 亞洲星 1138 Grant Ave 415-956-2090
12. Enjoy Vegetarian Rest. 慧膳坊素食 839 Kearny St. 415-956-7868
13. Yee’s Restaurant 文仔記燒臘茶餐廳 1131 Grant Ave 415-576-1818
14. Man Sung Co 萬生公司 – 1116 Grant Ave 415-982-5918
15. Heng Long Foreign Exchange Corp. 興隆外幣找換店 627 Jackson St. 415-362-8718
16. Da Chang Yuan LLC 大昌源 860 Washington St. 415-660-6666
17. Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant 如意齋 854 Washington St. 415-989-0818
18. People’s Grocery Co. 大眾食品公司 605 Jackson St. 415-956-0623
19. Ng Hing Kee Inc. 吳興記 648 Jackson St. 415-781-8330
20. Dick Lee Pastry 得利點心 716 Jackson St. 415-397-0788
21. Jumbo Trading Company 珍寶公司 870 Jackson St. 415-658-7739
22. JW & L Market 恆興超級市場 1401 Stockton St. 415-397-2668
23. Hon’s Wun-Tun House 洪記麵家 648 Kearny St. 415-433-3966
24. Washington Bakery Restaurant 華盛頓茶餐廳 733 Washington St. 415-397-3232
25. Charming Sun Market Inc. 金陽雜貨店 49 Walter U. Lum Place 415-576-1028
26. Lian Hua Trading Inc. 聯華公司 894 Stockton St 415-398-0983
27. Metro H.K Dessert & Milk Tea 地鐵站 928 Stockton St. 415-866-8808
28. Hai Feng Traditional Chinese Medicine Traumatology 海豐堂 858 Clay St. 415-272-3698
29. A-1 Café Restaurant 華記小館 779 Clay St. 415-398-3691
30. The Boiling Shrimp 浩味茶餐廳 150 Waverly Pl. 415-658-7168
31. Hoang Jewelry Co. 碧麗珠寶公司 535 Grant Ave. 415-260-7809
32. New Fortune Restaurant 張保仔粉麵小食 811-815 Stockton St. 415-658-7306
33. Wonkow Food Produce Co. 環球食品有限公司 814 Stockton St. 415-788-8688
34. Sandy’s Lucky Bamboo & Florist 小橋花竹 803 Jackson St. 415-781-1238
35. Update Gift 新潮精品 607 Broadway 415-650-8729
36. Footcourt Massage 足閣 1151 Grant Ave 415-964-6761


1. 發電郵至
2. 電話副會長Nancy Yu 415-680-0633
3. 電話會長Edward Siu 415-706-6978
4. 微信至會員群

On July 15, 2020 CMUASF Received an respond letter from the Mayor’s Office regarding to the non-criminal responds:

Dear Edward,

Thank you for contacting the Office of Mayor London N. Breed and I completely understand your concerns. Please see detailed answers to your questions below. In addition, I have cc’d the Mayor’s Advisor on Public Safety if you have any further questions.

1. Please clarify what is mean by non-criminal responds.

Thank you for your question. There are many social problems and crimes that we ask the police to deal with right now. The police respond to more than half a million calls for service every year. 50% of those calls are for non-emergency, low-priority situations where there is no active crime, no threat of harm to people or property, and no suspect. Examples of this type of call are for noise complaints, towing of parked cars in people’s driveways, and loitering.

There are also about 7-8% of the total number of calls that police are answering about people who are suffering from a mental health crisis. These may or may not involve a threat of violence or injury.

Finally, there are also a large group of calls about people who may be without housing. Again, we ask the police to be the answer to all of these situations when there are people lying in doorways and refusing to leave or using the sidewalks in a way that pushes everyone else off the sidewalk and unsafely into the street or even stealing food or other items from small businesses.

My goal is to have a quicker and improved response to these situations as well as the situations that involve violent crimes and serious injuries or even deaths.

With the limited number of police officers that we have right now in the department, police should be prioritizing serious, violent, and emergency situations that they are trained to handle and that cannot be handled by anyone who is not a trained officer.

By freeing the police from having to answer calls for non-emergency, low-priority, non-violence situations, police officers will be able to respond more quickly and spend more of their time on the crimes where people or property have been hurt or are potentially at risk of being harmed.

This does NOT mean that we ignore the calls for help for all the other situations. It does mean that the City, with the community, will be creating other models that can be more effective at responding to these types of calls. Until those new models are ready, the police will continue to be the first responders for all calls.

2. How will this reform affect police presence in Chinatown?

None of these reforms will immediately affect police presence anywhere in the City, including Chinatown. We have a lot of planning to do before any changes are made in the calls that police respond to and which ones they do not. Again, until we have a replacement model of response that will meet the needs of residents, workers, visitors, and business owners, our police department will continue to be the first responders for all the same calls that they are answering now.

Eventually, the goal is for Chinatown to see better, more effective response from the City to situations like the ones you describe in your letter, such as petty theft , which is a crime, and homelessness, which is not a crime. In the future, the response may not be by armed police officers but that does not mean that the response will be worse. The goal is to design a public safety response system that is better than the one we have now, when low-priority and non-emergency calls often are answered by police only after long delays because there is such a high number of calls for service and a limited number of police officers to answer.

Hiring more police officers is not the answer and we know this because we have been trying to recruit and hire more officers for several years, with very limited success. Even when we have tried to hold more academy classes, we have not been able to fill those classes.

3. When non-violence transitions into violence, what should we do?

Any emergency situation that involves violence should be called into 9-1-1 just as you have always done. Again, there are no changes right now. We are in the planning stages only.

4. If crimes do not decrease in Chinatown following the reform, how will you take action to protect our community?

My office, the Police Department, and the Chief of Police, are all committed to public safety throughout the entire city of San Francisco. It is time to invest in the best, most effective crime prevention strategies, and not just responding to crime after it has already happened. We will always work with the community to constantly improve how this City serves the people and communities that live, work, and visit here.

Feel free to reach out with any further questions or concerns,

Emma Heiken

Supervisor of Community Affairs

Mayor’s Office

City & County of San Francisco