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CMUASF organized and made PPE donations to frontline workers: hospital, fire department, and police department.

PPE Donation Summary to Hospital, Police Station, and Fire Station:
Masks 醫用口罩 – 9,000 pcs
Surgical Masks 醫用外科口罩 – 20,100 pcs
N95 口罩 – 1,940 pcs
Gloves 手套 – 68,000 pcs
Isolation Gowns 隔離服 – 1,195 pcs
Face Shield 面罩 – 2,118 pcs
Coverall-Gown 罩袍 – 375 pcs
Goggles 风镜 – 100 pcs
Total Donation money Received: $ 30,815.20 收 到 的 捐 款 總 額
Total PPE Purchase : $ 30,815.20 醫 療 用 品 購 買 總 額
Medical Supplies Received from Donors: $ 11,735.05 收 到 捐 贈 者 提 供 的 醫 療 用 品
Total Supplies donated to frontline workers: $42,550.25 捐 贈 給 一 線 工 人 的 總 額

CMUASF members donated their time to help Chinese Herb Trade Association of America to pack and distribute the Chinese Herb Packs to donate to front line workers. The Chinese herb pack will help to increase the body immune system and to prevent illness. Chinese Herb Trade Association of America Organized Seven Days Health Daily Supplement 愛心防疫中藥湯劑